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Making a Difference: A Caring Medicare Doctor in San Diego

PCP Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

Finding the right Primary Care Provider (PCP) can be tricky, especially if you are on Medicare. While it is important to find a primary care clinic with friendly front office staff and certified medical professionals, there are additional criteria that are even more important. Read on to learn more about how we strive to the best medical clinic in Spring Valley that accepts Medicare.

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Primary Care Providers (PCPs)
That Put In Timely Referrals To Specialists

It's vitally important to have access to medical professionals who can quickly refer you a specialist if necessary. Any delay could mean the difference between quick recovery and long waiting periods - discomfort no one wants or deserves. Our team at IWC Primary Care understands this, which is why we ensure our patients are connected efficiently with specialists that offer only top-notch care standards similar those of our own practice.

Our primary care team provides a tailored and personalized experience with compassionate support. Using both conventional and integrative medicine, we can address potential issues before they happen. We promise to listen and understand your health concerns during your appointment.

Striving To Be The Best Medicare Doctors in San Diego: We Are Primary Care Providers Who Listen

Excellent healthcare is an indispensable part of achieving overall wellbeing. If you feel your current primary care provider isn't listening to your individual concerns, this could threaten the quality and efficacy of treatment plans or diagnoses. Seeking out a new clinic may be beneficial in such cases: IWC Primary Care offers extended appointments so that each patient's unique needs can be addressed adequately without sacrificing service excellence - we strive to provide the attentive support needed for optimal health outcomes!

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We Offer Longer Visit Times

At our medical practice, we believe that listening the key to providing exceptional care. That's why we offer longer visits to truly partner with our patients and understand their unique needs. Our team of compassionate healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care that puts your health and well-being first. Come experience the difference at our Spring Valley medical practice.

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Primary Care Provider That Listens

Listening attentively to patients can make a significant difference in a doctor's office visit. Patients feel heard and understood when their concerns are acknowledged, which can lead to better communication and trust between the patient and doctor. This can ultimately in more accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.


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