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Weight Loss

Personalized Weight Loss Planning

  • 20 min
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  • Austin Drive

Service Description

Overweight and obesity affect 39% of the US population. Innovative Wellness Clinic understands the challenges posed by excessive weight. We help women and men achieve an optimal weight with a customized health routine. HOW DO WE ASSIST WITH WEIGHT LOSS? When one is having a hard time losing weight, weight loss treatment may be a good option. These approaches might include small or larger lifestyle changes, such as personalized dietary and movement recommendations. At IWC Primary Care, we perform diagnostics and metabolic testing to monitor the rate of progress as well as mental health. There are a variety of treatment options that include pharmaceutical medications as well as vitamin supplementation. Our MICC B-12 injection is the perfect pair to complement a weight loss plan once it is determined safe for use. The ideal candidate is motivated to make long term changes. WHAT IS MICC B-12? The MICC (L-Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and Cyanocobalamin) combines vitamins and amino acids that can promote fat loss, detoxification, mood enhancement, hair, skin, and nail health. It is given as an injection. WHAT ARE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH OBESITY? DIABETES Type 2 diabetes, the most common type of diabetes, is caused by an insufficient use of insulin by the pancreas. HEART DISEASE Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, including blood clot formation, strokes, heart attacks, or angina symptoms resulting in severe chest pain with radiating symptoms to the shoulders, arms, and neck. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE The term high blood pressure refers to an elevated force of blood pushing through the blood vessels, which damages the artery walls. OSTEOARTHRITIS In osteoarthritis, too much pressure is put on the joints. People with obesity are more likely to suffer from this type of arthritis, which causes damage to joints and limits motion. CANCER Obesity increases the risk of developing many types of cancers. As a result, the providers at IWC Primary Care believe that it is vital to identify unhealthy habits and provide information on healthy routines to promote longevity, health, and weight loss. Interested in gaining insights into effective weight loss solutions? Contact us today.

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  • 10225 Austin Dr unit 105, Spring Valley, CA, USA

    (858) 648-0755

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