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Choosing the Right Medical Group: Sharp Rees-Stealy vs. Sharp Community Medical Group
PCP Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

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When selecting a healthcare provider in San Diego, two prominent names often emerge: Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group and Sharp Community Medical Group. Both are integral parts of the Sharp HealthCare system, renowned for its high-quality care, but each offers distinct features and benefits. Understanding these differences can help you make a more informed decision regarding your healthcare needs.


Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group



  1. Integrated Care Model: Sharp Rees-Stealy is well-known for its cohesive, integrated approach. With all specialists and primary care doctors working as a single entity, coordination of care is streamlined, which is particularly advantageous for patients with complex health conditions that require visits to multiple specialists.

  2. Comprehensive Facilities: Patients have access to a wide array of services within the same organization, including urgent care centers, specialty clinics, and hospitals, all equipped with the latest technology.

  3. Innovative Health Management Programs: This group offers various programs aimed at chronic disease management, wellness, and preventive care, designed to keep patients healthy and manage existing conditions effectively.


  1. Limited Choice of Providers: Patients have less flexibility in choosing providers outside of the group. If your preferred doctor or specialist is not part of Sharp Rees-Stealy, you may have to compromise on your choice or seek care outside your primary network.

  2. Potential for Longer Wait Times: Due to the integrated structure and the popularity of this group, scheduling appointments with certain specialists can sometimes involve longer waiting periods.

Sharp Community Medical Group



  1. Extensive Network of Doctors: This group boasts a broad network of independent doctors, allowing patients more freedom to choose providers based on personal preference, location, or specialty.

  2. Flexibility in Services: With a more extensive range of independent practices within the network, patients might find it easier to access specialized services that are highly tailored to individual needs.

  3. Personalized Care: Independent practices often provide a more personalized approach, as doctors can focus on building long-term relationships with their patients without the constraints of a larger healthcare bureaucracy.


  1. Variability in Care Coordination: Unlike the tightly integrated system of Sharp Rees-Stealy, the independent nature of Sharp Community Medical Group can lead to variations in how care is coordinated across different practices.

  2. More Travel Time: Specialist are almost always located at a separate address from your Primary Care Provider.

Both Sharp Rees-Stealy and Sharp Community Medical Group offer compelling benefits, but the choice depends on what aspects of healthcare are most important to you. If you value a seamless, integrated healthcare experience with easy access to a variety of services, Sharp Rees-Stealy could be the better option. Conversely, if you prefer a broader choice of doctors and a more personalized approach, Sharp Community Medical Group might suit your needs better.

To make a well-informed decision, prospective patients should research public reviews of doctors within each group. An outstanding choice within the Sharp Community Medical Group is IWC Primary Care, An Innovative Wellness Clinic led by PCP Dr. Suzanne Afflalo. Her clinic is praised for its exceptional patient care and commitment to community wellness, making her a top choice for anyone seeking a dedicated Primary Care Provider in the network.

5 Star Review IWC Primary Care

Ultimately, the best healthcare provider for you will depend on your specific health needs and preferences. Take the time to evaluate both medical groups and consider the experiences of other patients to find the perfect fit for your healthcare journey.

Welcome to IWC Primary Care, a part of Sharp Community Medical Group. Located in Spring Valley, CA, we offer top-notch healthcare services that include precise diagnosis, personalized medication prescriptions, and thorough follow-ups for your well-being. Our patient-centered approach ensures a warm and friendly experience from start to finish.


Our expert primary care team combines conventional and integrative medicine to address potential issues proactively. We promise compassionate support and attentive care tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to listen and understand your health concerns during every appointment. Experience excellence in healthcare at IWC Primary Care.

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