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How Active Duty Women can Seek Primary Care Services with a CivilianNurse Practitioner

Updated: Jan 4

Active Duty Women

Active duty members make sacrifices every day to serve and protect our country. One of the challenges they face is accessing quality healthcare when they need it. As a woman who serves on active duty, you already have a primary care manager (PCM) on your base, but did you know that you can request a referral to see a civilian nurse practitioner (NP) as a specialist? This option can save you time and give you access to a healthcare provider who specializes in women's health. In this discussion, we'll explore how active duty women can seek primary care services with a civilian nurse practitioner in in the Tricare network.

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What is a Civilian Nurse Practitioner?

A civilian nurse practitioner is a healthcare provider who went through rigorous education and training to specialize in providing primary care services to patients. They have the license and certification to diagnose and treat patients with medical conditions and prescribe medications. They have a master's or doctoral degree and have earned national certification in their specialized area of practice. Their scope of practice is not limited to one specific area of care, unlike primary care managers on base.

Civilian Nurse Practitioner

How Can You Request a Referral?

To see a civilian nurse practitioner in private practice as a specialist, you need to request a referral from your primary care manager. This request must be for a specific medical problem or condition, such as a gynecological issue. Your primary care manager will then determine whether the referral is appropriate and necessary based on your medical condition. Once approved, you will receive a referral authorization, which will allow you to make an appointment with the civilian nurse practitioner.

Request a Referral

What Women's Health Services Can a Civilian Nurse Practitioner Provide?

Civilian nurse practitioners with a specialization in women's health can provide services that include Pap smears, breast exams, contraceptive management, menopause management, and evaluation and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. They also can diagnose and treat other medical conditions that affect women's health. They are trained to provide personalized care focused on the needs of women, including preventive care, health screenings, and health promotion.

Civilian Nurse Practitioner Provide

What Are The Benefits of Seeking Care With a Civilian Nurse Practitioner?

There are several benefits to seeking care with a civilian nurse practitioner. One main advantage is the accessibility to specialized healthcare. Civilian nurse practitioners, especially those who specialize in women's health, are trained to provide comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of women. They can diagnose and manage health conditions while also providing preventive care and education to their patients. Furthermore, seeing a civilian nurse practitioner can help active duty members save time, as they can provide care more promptly than waiting for an appointment with a military provider. Lastly, civilian nurse practitioners typically have a smaller patient load, which allows them to give their patients more personal attention and a more in-depth assessment.

Civilian Nurse

Active duty women have the option to request a referral to see a civilian nurse practitioner in private practice for specialist care. Civilian nurse practitioners with a specialization in women's health can provide comprehensive care to women that goes beyond what a primary care manager on base can offer. The benefits of seeking care with a civilian nurse practitioner include easier access to care, specialized healthcare, and personalized attention. Make sure to speak with your primary care manager on base to see if a referral to a civilian nurse practitioner could benefit your healthcare needs.

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