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Celebrating American Heart Month at IWC Primary Care, Your Newest Sharp Medical Clinic

Updated: Mar 5

Heart health

February marks American Heart Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about heart health and encouraging individuals to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. At IWC Primary Care in Spring Valley, California, part of the trusted Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG), we stand at the forefront of this noble cause. Our commitment to extending premier healthcare services, precise diagnostics, and thorough follow-ups underscores our dedication to your heart's well-being.

We understand that healthcare is not just about addressing maladies—it’s about nurturing wellness. Our approach to patient care is testament to this belief. From the warmth of our reception to the depth of our clinical expertise, we aim to instill comfort and trust in every patient encounter. This American Heart Month, allow us to guide you through the essentials of maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle and the importance of being proactive about your cardiovascular health.

IWC Primary Care

The Silent Killer Among Us: High Blood Pressure

It's termed the "Silent Killer" for a reason. High blood pressure can ravage your body without a whisper or a sign. Our seasoned team at IWC Primary Care takes this seriously—every patient's blood pressure is diligently monitored to catch any whisper of hypertension before it amplifies into a shout.

Do not fall prey to the stealth of this condition. High blood pressure paves the way to strokes, heart attacks, and a myriad of other health perils. Our strategy? Individuality—in treatment plans, in medication prescriptions, in lifestyle modification advocacy. We eschew the one-size-fits-all formula and tailor experiences that resonate with your personal health narrative.

High Cholesterol: When Lifestyle Changes Meet Medical Intervention

While dietary adjustments and physical activity are cornerstones in the management of high cholesterol, sometimes they fall short. Our Primary Care Providers extend beyond the mere suggestion of healthy habits—we're equipped with a repertoire of medications complemented by lifestyle prescriptions designed for efficacy and adherence.

For those under the veil of conditions that masquerade as high cholesterol—such as hypothyroidism or liver disease—we tackle the root, weaving through symptoms to reach the core and taking you along a path of holistic healing and comprehensive cholesterol command.

The Annual Wellness Exam: Your Health's Homecoming

Amid the bustle of life, our Annual Wellness Exam serves as your health hearth—a place to gather insight about your well-being, to preempt the onset of disease, and to forge habits that keep you hale and hearty. It's not just an exam; it's a dialogue where we tailor wellness strategies that align with your life story.

Practitioners at IWC Primary Care understand that personalization is key. Your wellness exam is curated to reflect your unique health landscape—from laboratory analysis to head-to-toe evaluations, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for your well-being.

Hear the Stories of Primary Care at one of Sharp Community Medical Group's Newest Clinic: Testimonials from the Heart

Don't just take our word for it—listen to the chorus of voices who have experienced our care:

"To me, this clinic is extraordinary. I've never felt being well taken cared of on my Dr. Visits in the past but with IWC team, they do an excellent job. From cleanliness of the clinic, friendly front desk staff, and amazing healthcare providers who are very thorough and patiently listen to my concerns, I'm glad to be referred to this clinic. IWC literally take a patient-centered approach and focus on my wellness. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone and experience what I and others posted on reviews to this place."

Entrust your health to the exceptional care of Dr. Suzanna Afflalo, Danielle Gordon, NP, and Monica Cistrone, NP your dedicated Primary Care Providers (PCP). Join our community where our PCPs are committed to providing top-tier primary health care, tailored to meet your unique needs. Experience superior care and become a part of our health family today.

Make the Call That Celebrates Your Heart

This American Heart Month, and beyond, take the lead in scripting a healthy heart narrative. Reach out to IWC Primary Care, your newest Sharp Community Medical Group clinic for a collaboration like no other—with providers like Dr. Suzanna Afflalo, Danielle Gordon, NP, and Monica Cistrone, NP, your heart is in skilled hands.

Doctor Suzanne Afflalo

Don't leave your heart's beat to chance. Experience our patient-centered care firsthand.

Book now and greet your heart's wellbeing with the promise of excellence in healthcare at IWC Primary Care.

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