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Discovering the Perfect Primary Care Provider in Spring Valley, Ca for your New Medicare Advantage plan

Updated: Jul 4

PCP - Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

Medicare Advantage plan

As we age, taking care of our health becomes of utmost importance. That's why for senior citizens, Medicare Advantage plans are a popular option to get comprehensive primary care. However, if you've received a letter regarding your Medicare Advantage plan, it's important to know that there are still quality options available out there. In this discussion, we will take a look at the top three qualities you should consider when selecting a Primary Care Provider (PCP). So, if you're looking for seamless Medicare Advantage coverage and don’t know where to start, keep reading to find out why discovering the Perfect Primary Care Provider in Spring Valley for your New Medicare Advantage plan is a phone call away.

Advantage plan

PCP - Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

Quality Referrals

When searching for a new primary care provider, it's important to consider their ability to process quality referrals quickly. This is because referrals to specialists can become a very time-consuming and expensive process if not done right. The ability of the primary care provider to see this process through can save a significant amount of time and money. Selecting a provider who has a proven record of efficiently processing referrals is the first step in ensuring you get the care you need without unnecessary delays or financial strain.

In addition to accepting Medicare & most major Medicare Advantage Plans, we are also proud members of Sharp Community Medical Group (SCMG); PCP Dr. Suzanne Afflalo.


Quality Referrals

As we age, it's not uncommon for us to have a list of trusted specialists, like cardiologists or endocrinologists, that we meet with regularly.

When selecting a new primary care provider, it's important that you can continue seeing your trusted specialists. To make sure this happens, communicate with your new provider early and often about the importance of maintaining these relationships and how they can help facilitate that.

Many specialists are listed under multiple networks, making it easier to continue your established treatment plan by having several paths to continue medical treatment under their care. At IWC Primary Care, our Medicare Doctors near Lemon Grove, CA understand the value of these relationships and we will do whatever we can to maintain them.


Quality Time

When we're sick or injured, we want to see a healthcare provider who can focus on our needs and provide the necessary care. Providers who are overwhelmed with patients or who have a large volume of appointments might be harder to see, leaving them with less time to spend with individual patients. Providers who don't have a flexible schedule or regulate their appointments can lead to frustrating wait times, which can cause significant emotional and physical stress.

It's crucial to have a provider who can see their patients promptly. A faster response time improves the chances of diagnosing and treating a medical condition before it becomes too severe. It's also beneficial to have a provider who has some flexibility in their schedule, so if there's an emergency, they can see their patients promptly. At IWC Primary Care, we use a smart approach to managing our patient schedule to ensure prompt appointments, adequate flexibility to respond to acute patient issues, and very minimal wait times.

Quality Time

Quality Appointments

A physician who takes their time to understand your health condition can be the difference between receiving proper treatment and wrong diagnoses. One of the biggest frustrations seniors face is feeling unheard and rushed during doctor appointments. This is especially true when it comes to discussing multiple health concerns or complex medical conditions. It's essential to find a physician who takes the time to listen and understand your medical history, symptoms, and concerns.

Equally important is finding a primary care provider who is empathetic to your health situation. It's frustrating to feel like a number or a case, rather than a person with health conditions that affect their everyday life. A provider who listens and cares about your wellbeing can make a significant difference in your overall healthcare experience. A good primary care provider should focus not only on treating current health issues but also helping you develop a long-term prevention plan that will help maintain your overall health. By taking the time to understand your medical needs and goals, our Primary Care Providers at IWC Primary Care in Spring Valley, CA can implement a comprehensive and suitable care plan.

Quality Appointments


Work with Brands

In conclusion, it's important to research patient reviews before selecting a new provider. Look for providers with good reputations for quality care and high patient satisfaction scores. Check online reviews and see what others have to say about their experiences with the provider's referral process.

Selecting a quality primary care provider can be a daunting task, but it's important to know your options and the qualities to consider. These are not just any options; these are life-changing options that could save you from unnecessary medical complications. Thank you for reading. We stand behind our online reviews.

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PCP - Dr. Suzanne Afflalo

At IWC Primary Care, we take a patient-centered approach to healthcare. Our commitment to excellence is evident from the moment our patients step through our doors: they are greeted with warmth and kindness by front office staff before being seen by our professional, yet friendly primary care providers.

Our passionate clinical team strives to provide top-tier services that prioritize everyone's unique needs. We integrate both conventional and integrative medicine into our treatment plans for maximum efficacy in addressing potential issues before they can arise. During your appointment we promise a fully attentive experience focused on listening and understanding all concerns regarding your wellbeing.

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In our combined experience of more than 25 years, we have the knowledge and skill to listen carefully, to elicit information, and to provide the patient with the highest level of care so that the patient receives the optimal treatment options that are based on the diagnosis and current research. To ensure that our patients' advanced medical needs are met, we regularly refer them to specialists such as cardiologists and gynecologists.

Our services are offered throughout San Diego County, as well as throughout California via telehealth as Primary Care Providers. We proudly accept all major Medicare Advantage Plans.

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